SAN FRANCISCO — Larry Scott’s preseason press conference at men’s basketball media day brought more questions about football.

The Pac-12 commissioner appeared in front of the press at conference headquarters less than 24 hours after a Yahoo Sports report that Pac-12 general counsel Woodie Dixon intervened in a decision to not call a targeting penalty in a game between USC and Washington State earlier this season. Scott called that “a mistake” and implemented a new policy to make sure it does not happen again.

“What’s been reported was of significant concern to me,” Scott said. “It was new information I had not previously been aware of.”

According to a report detailed by Yahoo, the conference’s replay officials wanted to call targeting on WSU linebacker Logan Tago, but were overruled by Dixon, who Scott said “oversees all football” for the conference.

Scott said he was scheduling a review of the conference’s replay rules, but would start by making sure that nobody in the conference is involved in replay calls other than the replay officials beginning with games this weekend.

“Those decisions will be solely in the purview of our replay officials at the stadium, in the command center, and on the field,” he said.

Scott said he was unsure if Dixon had previously gotten involved in a replay decision.

“I can’t quantify exactly how frequent the communication (with Dixon and replay officials) is, but there is enough of it where I realize the significant perception problem, and that’s a mistake from my perspective,” Scott said.