Back on the witness stand Tuesday in federal court, Brian Bowen Sr. repeated his claim that he could not recall a financial offer from Oregon related to his son's recruitment.

Defense attorneys questioned Bowen about a claim that he received $3,000 from Oregon assistant basketball coach Tony Stubblefield during his son's unofficial visit. Bowen answered that he did not recall, the same answer he gave in testimony last week.

The defense attorney then showed Bowen a transcript of statements he made to the FBI, which have not been made public, and asked if the statements refreshed his memory. Bowen answered that they did not.

Bowen Sr. is testifying in the criminal trial of three men — Adidas executives Jim Gatto and Merl Code and business manager Christian Dawkins — accused of conspiring to funnel money to the Bowen family in exchange for Brian Jr.'s commitment to Louisville. In her opening statement, Gatto's attorney alleged that Oregon offered the Bowens an "astronomical" amount of money if Brian Jr. signed with the Ducks.

Oregon coach Dana Altman denied those claims while speaking to reporters Friday. The school also issued a statement standing behind Altman and expressing confidence that neither he nor his staff violated NCAA rules.

"I’ve got a great staff," Altman said Friday. "I have very good guys that have worked a long time for me. Tony’s been with me since we’ve been here. Kevin (McKenna) has been with me 17 years. Mike (Mennenga) is going on his fifth year now.

"I feel very confident in my staff. We work very hard. I think we do a good job, and I think the results have shown it."