ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The Oregon women's golf team rolled past Michigan on Tuesday and completed the East and West Match Play Challenge with a 2-0 record.

The Ducks beat the Wolverines 4-0-1, picking up match-play victories from Kathleen Scavo (6 and 4), Petra Salko (2 and 1), Amy Matsuoka (4 and 3) and Heather Lin (5 and 4). Alexis Phadungmartvorakul battled to finish all square.

Oregon State pocketed wins from Ellie Slama (5 and 3) and Amanda Minni (3 and 2) for their second consecutive victories at the tournament, but the Beavers fell to Ohio State 3-2-0 to finish the competition 0-2. Nicole Schroeder (1 up), Olivia Benzin (3 and 1) and Susie Cavanagh (5 and 3) lost their matches.

Also Tuesday, Texas A&M defeated Wisconsin 4-0-1.