I am spitting angry with the loss of Oregon softball coach Mike White to Texas. Why? While White didn’t say it directly, he made it clear he wanted more money and believes Texas is the place to win a national title. So paying him more will get it done? It is a greed-ridden excuse that rings hollow in place of loyalty, especially to the team and Oregon fans who want to win a title too!

Rob Mullens wouldn’t match the Texas offer and retreated to the usual position where women continue in servitude to male athletic directors who dwell in the world where it is fine to treat women as “less than” instead of acknowledging our commitment, dedication and desire to compete at the highest levels. Thanks Rob for your commitment to an elite program which you may have just sent back to mediocrity. The fight for equitable treatment is far from over as we have been betrayed by both men!

If Mullens loses women's basketball coach Kelly Graves in the same manner, no more season tickets, no more unsolicited donations and no more anything for Oregon Athletics!

Becky Hanson

Oregon softball and basketball alumnus

Cottage Grove



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